Port St. Lucie City Council District 3

Port St. Lucie's Vice Mayor Shannon Martin has served as the District 3 representative since 2010. She is proud to stand up for the residents of Port St. Lucie and believes the City has much to celebrate.

Shannon is an advocate for small businesses and works to help PSL maintain a business-friendly environment, improve the City’s tax base and attract new employment opportunities. To help local businesses, Shannon initiated a program on PSL-TV20, Spotlight on Small Business, which showcases the city’s business climate and introduces residents to local businesses.

Other top priorities include

  • Keeping the construction of the Crosstown Parkway Extension on its set timeline;
  • Working on the City’s sidewalk master plan to improve pedestrian access and safety in PSL;
  • Support for law enforcement, ensuring the City continues its Safest City status, keeping our crime rate low;
  • Fiscal responsibility – decreasing debt and keeping taxes as low as possible.
  • Giving the City’s teens and youth new ways to stay busy and have fun by providing alternative recreational facilities, supporting enhancement of our parks and recreation facilities and programs;
  • Advocating for water quality projects to protect our environment.

Since her election, Shannon has represented Port St. Lucie on various important boards and committees to make sure that the future of our City remains promising for residents, businesses and our youth. Furthering her advocacy for the City’s youth, Shannon also serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys Girls Club of St. Lucie County.

The Vice Mayor is also a strong supporter of vocational and technical training. She believes that government at all levels should foster opportunities for this type of specialized education and training. She is a member of the Economic Development Council’s Workforce Readiness Task Force which is rolling out a strategic plan to bridge talent gaps in the manufacturing, healthcare, and skilled trades sectors across the Treasure Coast.

As a member and past chairwoman of the St. Lucie County Fire District’s seven-member board of directors, Shannon works to ensure that top-quality public safety services are provided by the district’s 370 firefighters and 52 general employees.

Shannon also serves on the St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), where she works with other St. Lucie County elected leaders to ensure that future road connectivity and public transportation services will be adequate to serve the growing population.

Shannon is honored to serve as a member of the Port St. Lucie City Council. She has loved Port St. Lucie since moving here in 2006 with her husband, son and daughter. She is a paralegal by profession, and her husband Aaron is a city police officer.

She encourages residents to sign up for her District 3 Newsletter and to feel free to contact her with any issues or concerns by email or calling (772) 871-5159.