Port St. Lucie City Council District 3


What We’ve Accomplished Together: 2010 to Today

  • Decreased millage rate two years in a row
  • Adopted the 10-year Roadway Repaving Master Plan. Repaved 34 miles of roadway in FY 2016-17
  • Adopted the Sidewalk Master Plan  
  • Refinanced the City’s debt:
  1. ​​During our FY2015-2016, our debt was $862,685,000, we have since refinanced that to be 820,310,000 for a total savings of $42,375,000
  2. Since FY2013-2014, we have saved $102,314,274 in refinancing
  3. Since FY 2010, we have saved $222 MILLION through refinancing
  • 23 miles of sidewalk installed during my time in office
  • Championed PSL Blvd Widening project from Darwin Blvd to Becker Road. The project has approved and broken into sections to be completed as funding becomes available
  • City received the final permits and started construction on the Crosstown Parkway Extension with an anticipated completion date of Fall 2019 – now on time and on budget.
  • Entered into an inter-local agreement with the SLC School Board for open use of their parks during non-school hours.
  • Reestablished the Budget Advisory Committee
  • Reestablished the Public Art Advisory Board. Installed utility box art wraps around the City, increasing public art.
  • Woodland Trails Park was approved and began construction with an anticipated completion date of May 2018
  • Partnered with SLC Public Schools to help curb truancy and for academic excellence in all PSL schools
  • NICE (neighborhood identity and pride) Program developed  
  • Moratorium on Becker Road and discussion for Becker Road Overlay District
  • Planned for the future of Floresta Drive Corridor
  •  Created a Sober Home Task Force
  • Increased communication from the City via social media, newsletters, public information meetings, etc.
  • Developed and implemented the McCarty Ranch Water Quality Project
  • Created our Forum on Race Relations and Inclusion Workshops to promote diversity in the community
  • Partnered with St. Lucie County for the new Paula Lewis Library on Rosser Blvd.
  • The City of PSL won Best Places to Work for 2016 and 2017
  • Created the PSL Police Department meet-up spot for safe and easy online transaction fulfillment
  • Implemented a new traffic signal system to improve traffic flow in St. Lucie West
  • Installed fitness equipment along Crosstown Parkway and at Jessica Clinton Park
  • Started online permitting process for the Building Department
  • The City of PSL honored veterans with a drawing for a mortgage-free home thanks to grants provided by GENSYS Community Development Corp.
  • Started City University
  • Passed an ordinance against parking in swales without property owner's permission
  • Partnered with Children’s Services Council for “St. Lucie Reads”
  • Approved Winterlakes Park Conceptual Master Plan
  • Approved and opened pilot project for primitive camping at McCarty Ranch